Along with analysis at laboratory for the ingredients and the final products, BIOCOM did realize also the experimentals in situ to prove products performance:

Enzyme activity of Cenzyme.

Amylase in Cenzyme decomposed starch of broken rice into Glucose in a short time. This effect will be much more effective In-vivo because of suitable environment at digestive tube.


The left tube shows that Cenzyme decomposed starch of broken rice after 24 hours, at pH 7.

The control tube is in the right, without Cenzyme.


Three test tubes in the left shown that Cenzyme decomposed chicken feeed after 1 hour at pH 3 and 4.

The test tube in the right is used as control, without Cenzyme. 


Efficiency of CẮT TẢO to algae. 
CẮT TẢO has no BZK (Benzankonium). CẮT TẢO killed algae after 15 hours, by its biological activity.

CẮT TẢO is safety for shrimp and fish.











                         On left, algae was died gradually




Efficiency of  BEST WAYS


BEST WAYS, an organic and environmental friendly product, have demonstrated the ability to decompose organic residues on shrimp and fish ponds.

In addition to decomposing organic residues of shrimp / fish ponds, BEST WAY also enriches planktons population as a natural feed additive sourses for fish / shrimp.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


CENMOS performance on pig with PRRS positive
                     (treating of lung lesions) 

12 pigs at 34kg of average body weight. They are affected by PRRS (PRRS positive), divided into 2 lots, fed by the same feed.

*** Lot 1 (control) includes 6 pigs, WITHOUT CENMOS in feed.
*** Lot 2 (test) includes 6 pigs, ADDING 2 Kg CENMOS per ton of feed.

Both are fed till finishing...
   *** Average weight of lot 1:  73.1kg/finisher
   *** Average weight of lot 2:  86.5kg/finisher
Images of lung lesions of both of lots:

*** 6 pigs of lot 1 (control), WITHOUT CENMOS
The lung images show different lesions of pneumonia, from mucous exudate to dark and firm areas, meaty and respiratory dysfunction 20 - 40%.

In same time,
*** 6 pigs WITH adding of 2kg of CENMOS per ton of feed shown that the pneumonic lesions have been resolved. 

The respiratory function has been recovered.

It's maybe Beta 1,3-1,6 D-Glucan of CENMOS activated Macrophage to the Angry Macrophages and they did that.




* Addition of  CENMOS, at a dose of 2kg per ton of feed has recovered the lung lesions from the affection of PRRS in pigs.
And therefore improved the weight gain and feed conversion significantly.