COMBINATION OF Selenium Yeast and Chromium Yeast


Roles of SELENIUM in animal nutrition


Selenium is a component of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase. It plays an important role in nutrition as an antioxidant that provides protection of cellular and subcellular membranes against peroxide damage. Selenium acts as an essential part of biological active seleno-protein that promotes reproduction performance and immune response.

In modern livestock, people take selenium as an effective tool of

* Disease resistance for young animals,

* Increase reproductive performance for both males and females,

* Improve the meat quality.


In fisheries,

* Organic selenium is added to fish feed to preserve the fillet counters color during freezing and after defrosting. This feature has great value for export frozen fish technology.

* Organic selenium is used in combination with Chromium to improve flesh color and fillet ratio for fish.

* Organic selenium is used in combination with Chromium to enhance the firmness of shrimp meat.

Using Organic Selenium instead of inorganic selenium in feed brings much more benefit than the cost of investment.


In poultry,

Selenium reduces ascites mortality.

To hens, selenium improves quality and livability of their chicks, increases hatchability of stored fertile eggs.


In pigs,

Higher meat selenium, better FCR and ADG.

The influence of dietary selenium on carcass and meat quality in pigs has been well established. These qualities include:

*Low drip loss after slaughter due to reduced lipid oxidation of meat.

*The color and organoleptic properties of the meat appear execellent. It has a strong red color and is tender, chewy with a pleasant juiciness, better flavor and low fat.

*Reduced pig odor.



  • Inorganic commercial selenium products include: Sodium Selenite, Cobalt Selenite,..
  • Organic commercial selenium products include: Seleno-methionine proteinate, Selenium Yeast,…


The organic selenium has a bioavailability much more times higher than inorganic forms and its use is more safer and more economic.

However, all organic selenium are not the same. This must be concerned while choosing a product.

     There are vast differences in various selenium yeast products in the market. Some of which are not much better than inorganic sources. These selenium yeast products are actually not fermented products, as inorganic selenium salts are added post-fermentation, to the yeast cream, allowing them to bind to the yeast cells physically before drying. Some other products are just dry blending of yeast with inorganic selenium salts.

     All “chelated” selenium proteinates are not true organic products as selenium is an anion and is negatively charge. No electrostatic bond can be formed between selenium and organic ligands such as amino acid or peptides, therefore, selenium can not be chelated.

Selenium Yeast, produced by CENZONE TECH Inc. USA, is an organic selenium: A specially cultured and genetically selected yeast strain inoculum (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is grown on selenium-enriched mixture of cane and beet molasses in an aerobic propagation system under special precisely circumscribed environmental condition in which the amount of selenium salts never exceed the tolerance level of the fermenting yeasts. As yeast growth occurs, the selenium is absorbed by the yeast cells and incorporated into the yeast’s organic complex. With Cenzone Selenium Yeast, inorganic selenium salts are assimilated into the yeast cell protein fraction and become organic.

Henry, P.R. and C.B. Ammerman, 1995 made a comparison on bioavailability among different forms of Selenium. The result is shown in follows table:

Source: Henry, P.R. and C.B. Ammerman 1995. Selenium Bioavailability of Nutrients for Animal, Amino Acids, Minerals and Vitamins. Academic Press, New York.



The using of combination of Selenium Yeast and Chromium Yeast brings great benefits due to “synergie renforcatrice” effect.

     *The combination of 40-80g of Selenium Yeast and 100g of Chromium Yeast, adding into a ton of complete feed of boar increases sperm activity and density also increases even volume of ejaculation.

     *The combination of 40-80g of Selenium Yeast and 100g of Chromium Yeast, adding into a ton of complete feed of sow improves nearly 10% of litter size.

     *Adding 40-50g of Selenium Yeast and 300-400g of Chromium Yeast into a ton of complete feed of finisher pigs increases # 10% lean meat. Note that the crude protein must be at around 16.0% and Lysin 1.1 to 1.15%.

     *Adding 20-30g of Selenium Yeast and 30-50g of Chromium Yeast into a ton of complete feed of layer improves hatchability of stored fetile eggs.


Với mục đích chắc thịt và nặng ký cho tôm, tăng fillet cho cá
Dùng phối hợp Selenium Yeast 40-50gam và Chromium Yeast 300gam/ tấn TAHH cho giai đoạn 30 ngày trước khi thu hoạch.