A good creep feed must guarantee :

Palatability and ingredient are two most important factors of creeping feed, which affects greatly on feed intake of piglet.

Creeping feed must have good scent and sweet taste to increase the desire for feed of piglets who still crave for sow milk.

Nutrition ingredients must be balanced in acid amino, trace minerals, rich in vitamin, and have suitable humidity.

CHONG COI MIX prepares all the necessary elements in feeds and ensures a balance in nutrition ingredients. Its flavor is created the same as sow milk to increase the appetizer and help the pigs get used to new feeds.

Additional, CHONG COI MIX uses organic minerals to decrease the competitiveness when absorbing minerals. It is very significant in fastering calcium and phosphorus absorbtion favorably, which influences on bone building process of pig.

Besides the factors that relate to the feed, the factors that relate to farmer also contribute to the performance of WEANING PIG.

Ages of creeping and feeding space:

It is general practice to introduce creep to suckling pigs at seven to ten days of age. However intake up to 21 days is very low and variable, partly because the supply of sow milk is still abundant, and also because the digest system of piglet does not develop completed.

Many studies were shown that almost 80 percent of the creep was consumed in the final week (from 21st-28th day old) and 50 percent in the final 3 days prior to weaning at 28 days. Feeding only for the last 10 days before weaning (from the 18th day age) may be a more efficient use of resources.

Pigs feed only a short period of time anyway and so increasing feeding space to allow pigs to imitate one another is important in establishing feeding behaviour. Creep feeders with a large surface area are to be recommended.

Regular cleaning and replenishment of feeders provokes exploratory behaviour and increased feeding frequency by piglets.  

Supplying fresh water

CHONG COI MIX is very palatable but fresh water should be supplied enough. That will stimulate enzyme secretion which in turn will minimise the growth check at weaning and digestive disorders.

Keeping warm the piglets

There are many studies on pen temperature and the factors influence to the change of real temperature that piglets feel such as material of floor, wind speed, air humidity and so on. Easiest way and the most effective is observation right on their manifestation.

      If the temperature is suitable they will show a happiness,

      If the temperature is too low, they will tremble and overlap on each other.

     If the temperature is too high, they will bury their bodies in paddles of urine and feces of their mom.

Therefore, observing piglets expressions to adjust temperature is the most simple and effective way the farmers should apply.

This observation must be taken at different times of the day, especially in the season when weather has great changes.


Effective use of CHONG COI MIX:

CHONG COI MIX is designed with high nutritious density therefore the farmer only need to add 20-40% of CHONG COI MIX into ordinary creep feed.

Also pay attention to ages of creepingfeeding spacesupplying fresh water, and keeping warm the piglets